1. Coffee

    Our exclusive range of slow roasted Italian style espresso coffees range from the smooth, velvety texture of Napoli Espresso and the rich, smooth ‘best seller’ Milano Espresso to the classic and distinctive Roma Espresso.

    We also offer our award winning ‘Great Taste Gold 2010 - 2 Gold Stars’ ‘Amazonian’ 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Espresso, a well balanced smooth espresso coffee with a hint of vanilla.


    Try Our Single Origin Arabica Coffee Today

    Tudor are proud to announce our new ‘single origin’ coffee range. Sourced from specialist growers all over the world, our new Arabica coffee range brings you the world’s finest gourmet coffees in their purest form. And with Fair Trade, organic and ethical credentials, our new coffees offer you and your customers more than just exceptional taste.

    Our single origin coffee range is available for delivery from December 2011 and is sold in minimum lots of 6 Kgs. Our new Arabica coffee is priced from £11 to £14 per Kg with free delivery on any order over £80 net of VAT.

    To request a sample, please contact us on: 01708 866 966

    Smooth flavoured in body, with moderate acidity

    Full-bodied richness, red fruit flavours with strong acidity

    Mildly acidic coffee, light-bodied but good flavours and aroma

    Flavoursome, rich, smooth and full. Winey/fruity acidity

    Medium to light body with some acidity

    Indian Mysore
    Delicate fruit, milk chocolate, mild all day drinking

    Some winy notes with "good honest" coffee flavours

    Indian Monsoon Malabar
    Round and rich, chocolate coffee - no acidity or winey notes

    Distinctive coffee, sharp flavour; mellow body; creamy, rich, winey flavours

    El Salvador
    Mild and slightly sweet in character

    Brazil - Deterra
    Sweet fine, nutty cup character

    Costa Rica
    Classic coffee, rich and full bodied in character

    Coffee Beans

    At Tudor we roast and blend all our coffees to order utilising our state-of-the-art Brambati coffee roasting facility. This fully automated roasting plant ensures excellent product consistency and texture and enables us to maintain exceptional high product standards. We package our coffee beans in one way valve bags for ultimate freshness, allowing any Gas created during the Roasting process to escape, but ensure no Air is allowed into the Bag to ensure that the Coffee Beans stay fresh for up to 12 months from their production. From selecting and roasting the finest coffee beans to grinding and packing our coffees we are resolute in our aim to offer coffee without compromise.

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    Coffee Beans

    Filter coffee

    At Tudor we understand that it is paramount the coffee we supply is suitable for the equipment you are using, with the correct Grind Size therein, from Professional Filter or Thermos Equipment into 1.8 Litre / 2.2 Litre Jugs/Flasks we can supply to order sachets (freshly Roasted and Packed) in pre-weighed sachets of between 60 to 86grams to ensure you are serving the same strength every time. We also Bulk Brew Coffees for over 5 Litres per brews or more, therefore we can maintain Excellent product consistency and high product standards at all times.

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    Filter coffee


    At Tudor we understand that it is essential that the coffee we supply is suitable for the La Cafetieres you are using, with the correct Grind Size therein (to prevent Coffee going through the Gauze and producing that unpleasant sludge that can arise) we can supply to order sachets (freshly Roasted and Packed) in pre-weighed sachets suitable for between 3 to 8 Cups each time, or better still, even Pre Proportion Coffee Grinders for that Ultimate Freshness and Aroma. This means you get an Excellent product standard to serve at all times.

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    Freeze Dried Instant

    At Tudor we understand that not all locations warrant serving high quality freshly Roasted Coffee, or indeed have the facilities, so we also supply a High Quality Freeze Dried South American Instant Coffee (100% Fair Trade as well) to enable Coffee to be served at speed, both efficiently and consistently. We can also supply the equipment to maximise the enjoyment of this product. Whether at Home, in the Warehouse or outside you can savour Great Cups of Coffee every time.

    Packed in pre-weighed packs of 10 x 300 Gram this ensures both Freshness and Aroma and an at exceptionally competitive price to buy at all times (Discounts with Large Orders available).

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    Freeze Dried Instant

    cafe life image

    cafe life image

    Cafe Life

  2. Tea

    At Tudor we have been blending teas since 1984. We have won awards from the Tea Council for our products and our aim to achieve some of the best blends available to the catering.

    This attention to detail ensures that Tudor produce fantastic quality teas which can be enjoyed at all times of the day.

    Available in loose leaf and teabag versions, our superior quality teas are designed to brew instantly with excellent body and flavour, as well as maintaining good cup strength and colour.

    Our 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tea is ethically sourced directly from Rainforest Alliance plantations in Kenya. To achieve certification they must ensure that all natural resources are preserved and that the rights and welfare of workers and their local communities are protected.

    From loose leaf tea to catering tea bags including Dr. Stuarts herbal teas you can be assured of the very best products available from stock for immediate delivery.


    Tea bags

    Tudor has, for many years, proved highly successful with our range of catering and specialist Teabags that it produces. The company has achieved awards from the Tea Council for the consistent high quality that it produces and maintained.  Tudor import, blend and produce One and Two Cup Tea bags of various sizes for the catering trade including 4 Pint Teabags. Both our Silver Blend and High Quality Tudor promise to offer the finest tasting Tea available in today’s market. The range is complete with the superlative Masterpiece range of pure origin specialist string and attractively packaged tagged teabags to offer a comprehensive and highly successful product range with optimum quality, guaranteed by our own experienced tea tasters. Display Stands available.

    Our range has been completed by our 100% Rainforest Alliance Tea selected from the finest Plantations in Kenya. To achieve the Rainforest Alliance accreditation these plantations must ensure natural resources are conserved and the rights and welfare of workers and local communities are protected at all times.

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    Tea bags

    Loose tea

    Our Range is especially chosen to suit today’s conscientious caterer and those discerning individuals who savour the freshness and rewarding taste of Leaf Tea.

    Extra Strong blend is a fast brewing High Quality Leaf Tea that gives great colour and Strength an Body at a competitive price.

    Our Superior Quality Blend contains high quality Kenyan teas for instant brewing that give excellent body and flavour, whilst containing Assam teas to maintain a real strength and colour and Sri Lankan Tea for those subtle flavours and pungency. Together they promise to offer the customer consistently good tea, has proven to be consistently one of the Best Blends available in today’s Market.

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    Loose tea

    Tea Women

  3. Machines

    Tudor are the experts in coffee machines and we’re always on hand to help our customers. Our knowledge and experience means you can trust Tudor to help you create coffee without compromise.

    Choose from a selection of top brands including Egro, Franke, Promac, Reneka and Animo to find your ideal coffee machine. We offer both traditional coffee machines and ‘push button’ equipment.


    Machines Overview

    To find out which type is best for your café or restaurant, use the guide below:

    Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

    - Easy push-button operation. Can work at higher speeds for busier establishments.
    - Self-service and portable trolley solutions available.
    - Produces espresso shots, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white and flat black coffee.
    - Automatic cleaning cycle.
    - Uses freshly roasted coffee and fresh milk.
    - Consistently good quality and consistent portion control, with no wasted ingredients.

    Traditional Espresso Machine

    - Your barista is in control of the whole coffee experience.
    - Tudor offers comprehensive training as part of our installation package.
    - A ‘behind the counter’ machine.
    - Produces espresso shots to form the basis of other coffee drinks. Tudor includes training from grinding and tamping coffee to steaming and foaming milk, so your barista can make the whole range of coffees.
    - Manual cleaning.
    - Uses freshly roasted coffee.
    - Traditional, gourmet-quality coffee.

    Whether you need an espresso machine or a bean-to-cup machine, Tudor has the right equipment for your business. Our range of carefully selected coffee machine models are available on in a variety of purchase plans.

    To speak with one of our specialist machine advisors
    contact us on: 01708 866 966

    Service & Repair

    We are also able to undertake repair work on any of the following manufacturers equipment:

    Astoria, Brasilia, Expobar, Faema, Gaggia, La Cimbali, La Scala, La Spaziale, Nuova Simonelli,  Promac, Rancilio, Reneka, San Marco, San Remo & Wega. 

    Options to loan equipment whilst your machinery is off site (Subject to pre-agreed Terms and location).

    Contact us on: 01708 866 966