Millennium Range

Millennium Range

by Animo

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The eye-catching features of the Animo Millennium Range of pour over filter coffee brewers are: basket filter with a leak stop, jug detector, acoustic signal which indicates when the coffee is ready, de-scale indicator, double dry boil safety guard and electronic PC-board. 

The M100 & M200 pour over (pour and serve) filter coffee brewers come with 2 x 1.8 litre glass jugs and 2 self-regulating hot plates. The M102 & M202 coffee brewers come with 4 x 1.8 litre glass jugs and 4 self-regulating hot plates. They also have a double brew capacity. 

The M100W & M200W are the same as the M100 & M200 but have the addition of a separate water boiler with a no-drip tap and drip tray. 

Finally the M202W is similar to the M202 but also combines 3 phase electrics for faster operation and has the additional hot water boiler with no-drip tap and drip tray.
Dimensions(N.B. All height measurements allow for Glass Jugs on top of machine) M100 & M200: W = 205mm, D = 380mm, H = 625mm M102, M202, M100W & M200
Electrical connectionM100 & M200: 230V AC, 2.25kw M102 ,M202, M100W & M200W: 230V AC ,3.5kw M202W: 3 phase 400V AC, 6.6kw
Hourly output (Volume)M100 & M200: 18 litres M102 & M202: 28 litres M100W & M200W: 14 litres M202W: 36 litres
Hourly capacity (Hot Water)M100W & M200W: 16 litres M202W: 21 litres
Warranty12 months parts and labour warranty included