CPS Dynamometric Tamper Press

CPS Dynamometric Tamper Press

by Macap

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The Macap CPS Dynamometric Tamper Press is a 'click' tamper press designed to apply the correct pressure to coffee grounds when making an espresso.

Macap, established in 1930, were the first Italian company to manufacture Coffee Grinders. Macap have built an excellent reputation for their products and their grinders are regarded by many professional baristas as the coffee grinder of choice. Macap products are constructed to a very high standard to ensure many years of reliable service.

Benefits of the Macap CPS Dynamometric Tamper Press include allowing the barista to apply the same correct 31lb constant pressure on coffee grounds in the portafilter. The press is adjustable offering the barista the control to set the pressure to any chosen level up to 55lb. The use of the Macap CPS Dynamometric Tamper Press ensures that through a simple 'click' tamp a repeatable high standard of espresso can be achieved time after time.
Dimensions165 x 210 x 405mm
Net Weight3.7kg (8.4lb)
Constant Dynamic Pressure25kg (55lb)
Warranty12 months parts and labour warranty included