Franke Flair bean to cup commercial coffee machine

Franke Flair bean to cup commercial coffee machine

by Franke

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Currently the best selling Franke automatic coffee machine in the UK, the Franke Flair is an excellent step into the world of Swiss precision 'bean to cup' coffee machines.

Designed to make a delicious coffee using freshly roasted coffee beans and fresh milk the Franke Flair will allow the user, at the simple touch of a button, to make their choice from any of the following drinks: Espresso, Double Espresso, Americano (Black Coffee), Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Latte Macchiato (layered coffee) and White Coffee.

In addition to the benefits of the Franke Saphira, the Franke Flair offers twin milk pipes which opens up the drink selections to the next level to include Lattes and layered coffees. Ideal for the following types of business: hairdressers, solicitors, accountants, car showrooms, I.T. offices, web-designers, small/medium commercial outlets i.e. pubs, clubs and sandwich shops; in fact anywhere where up to 100 cups of coffee a day could be sold or enjoyed!

Features of the Franke Flair include the following: Double Grinder - to allow two types of coffee to be used. On-board 5.5 litre water tank - which means no mains connection necessary (although available as an option). Adjustable dispense head between 75-155mm for all types of cups/mugs/glasses. Each drink can be pre-programmed to the users own specification. Simple automatic cleaning cycle. Automatic de-scale cycle programme. Separate Milk Chiller Box available. Each machine includes full installation, commissioning, 12 months parts and on-site labour warranty.
DimensionsW = 423mm (597mm incl. Chiller Box), D = 542mm, H = 523mm
Unit Weight20kg
Electrical connection230V AC, 2.3Kw, 10Amps
Water SupplyManual fill water tank, 5.5litres capacity; permanent connection to water mains (optional)
Residual waterDrip tray with monitoring, 1.5litres capacity
Bean Hoppers2 x hoppers, 250gm capacity each, automatic bean level monitoring
Grounds containerWaste coffee grounds container with monitoring; holds 40 cakes
Daily outputThe unit is designed to handle an average daily output of approx. 100 cups
Spot output2 cups of Espresso/Black Coffee/Cappuccino/Latte Macchiato/Hot Milk/Hot Water per minute
Warranty12 months parts and on-site labour warranty included